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We're a startup pushing data science and mobile technology to the limit to create a smarter, safer, happier future for everyone. We're starting with insurance and the technologies that enable it.

Dreamers, doers, and do-gooders

Our world is getting smarter and more interconnected, yet the future remains unpredictable. Driving, for example, is evolving with the sharing economy and AI. Yet, approximately 100 people die every day from car accidents in the United States, with 6,400 more getting injured or disabled.

We believe that many industries, including insurance, will need to be reimagined to keep pace with what’s possible. And that’s why we’re here: to work where technology and problems that matter meet.

Insurance reinvented to reward positive choices.

HiRoad® is the first building block in our vision of a better future. The premise of HiRoad is inspiring the world to live smarter, starting with their driving. It’s insurance reinvented so that a customer’s behavior controls their bill, mindful living gets rewarded, and customers benefit even if they never file a claim.

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We hire the best

We're a diverse group of thinkers and doers united by our mobile-first perspective, customer-centric approach, and commitment to using our powers for good.

Our success rests on our ability to learn and create the right things faster, and engineer the solutions of tomorrow. That means finding truly exceptional people, paying them well, and helping each of them reach their unique potential.

So are you a standout in your field? Do you want to help save lives and livelihoods?

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